Green Juice for Beginners

Whether the doctor says you need to lower your cholesterol or you just want to be healthy and have more energy, green juice can be just what the doctor ordered. Green juice supplies your body with fresh nutrients, vitamins, proteins and enzymes that are easy to assimilate. After all, most of us can’t possibly eat enough greens to get the nutrients our body thrives on. Drinking green juice is a great way to power boost your diet and your energy level.

Does It Taste Yucky?

I know, you’re thinking green juice is going to be some horrible-tasting concoction, and you’ll have to hold your nose just to choke it down. Not true. With some practice and a lot of taste testing, you’ll soon be making green juice that tastes so good; you’ll be convincing everyone to try it.

How Do I Make It?

Now, let’s get moving. You’ll need a juicer and a trip to the local farmer’s market or grocery store. If you have a juicer that’s been gathering dust, blow it off and get ready. If not, a good juicer may be the best investment you’ve ever made in your health.

Select The Right Fruits and Vegetables

When you are ready to buy your produce, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, try to buy fresh, organic and local. After all, who wants to eat something that was doused in a bath of chemicals, picked way before its time and shipped from another country? You deserve better.

Now it’s time to pick your produce. Buy a variety of greens depending on what you like. Kale, collard, beet greens and spinach are all great choices. Stay away from stronger varieties like turnip and mustard greens your first time, as these have a tendency to overpower your juice with sharp flavor.

Taste Test

If you’re not sure which to choose and you’re a bit of a market rebel, pinch off a tiny bit in the store and taste it.
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If you don’t like the flavor of the leaf, chances are you won’t drink the juice. Also pick up some celery, cucumber and sprouts if available. To sweeten it up, pick some slightly under ripe pears (ripe or over ripe pears tend to make your juice mealy), Asian pears or apples.

Juice It Up

Wash all your veggies and fruit thoroughly. Start by juicing a few handfuls of each type of green, a few stalks of celery, some cucumber and sprouts. Continue until your container is half full. Then begin with the fruit. Keep adding fruit until the juice is sweetened to your liking. (Yes, you have to taste it.) Play with this back and forth between the savory and sweet until your container is full. (Don’t forget to keep tasting.) When finished, add just a pinch of salt: This will bring out more flavors in your juice.

Once you get the hang of playing with your juicer and different combinations of vegetables and fruit that are to your liking, you’ve started a lifelong habit. Your body (and your doctor) will thank you.