Chesterfield Sofa Adds A Touch of Royalty and Elegance In Home Decor

A touch of royalty, elegance and comfort is what sets the Chesterfield Sofa apart from other sofas and furniture. When you see it, you immediately get a sense of how different it looks and may wonder why other sofas are not as tastefully crafted and provide the same level of comfort. Well, it is not every craftsman’s cup of tea to design and craft them; only a selected group of traditional English craftsmen are expert in making original couches that originated in 18 century England. This set of sofas has a class and touch of the elite English taste that has made it famous all over the world.

Very few sofa types have a rich history like these. Made exclusively for the English royalties, it has the feel and setting of an elite English society and was expensive furniture piece in good old England where ordinary folk could not afford to buy it. It is believed that the fourth Earl of Chesterfield Philip Dormer Stanhope was the pioneer of the Chesterfield settee; he selected a renowned cabinet maker to design and make furniture that would allow a man to sit upright with as much comfort and ease as possible.

Earl Philip Dormer Stanhope was a man of great sophistication and a writer par excellence. He wrote on subjects of moral uprightness and was known to advocate manners of excellence. This furniture piece is a reflection of the man under whose guidance it was made and designed. As this style and design of sofa was exclusively made for the royalty and elite of England it was inevitably expensive and inaccessible to the commoners. However, today this sofa, which was associated with the royalty of England, comes in the most affordable price range and everyone who has money to spare can buy it.

The two seater and three seater couches are the most widely used as they are the most comfortable ones. The association of this brand of sofa with the royalty of England has given it the elite status, but there are critics who said that the association is a mere marketing ploy to sell this particular brand of sofas. Whatever the arguments are, the fact remains that this brand of furniture is a statement of style, grace, elegance and comfort. For the rich and famous, it is the preferred furniture for their luxurious home and even some of the hotels and holiday destinations of repute

Whatever its variety and style Chesterfield Sofa you can easily spot this brand of sofa by its deep set buttoned and quilted upholstery. You will get different varieties of this brand of sofa at prices that  differ with its quality and comfort. So choose according to your budget the best sofa of your choice.