Bungalow Residence Variations

Central Austin is stuffed with pre-war properties frequently referred to as bungalows, and are sought immediately after by a lot of for their charm, coziness and consideration to element.

The term “bungalow” comes from the Indian phrase “bangla”, which used to refer to households created in a Bengal model. “Bangla” were being cottages with very low roofs and big porches crafted about them. The British took the concept from the Indians, and started developing their summer months properties in a very similar manner, and the bungalow, as we know it, was born- all rooms on a person floor, created around a central parlor. As soon as the to start with American bungalow was constructed in Cape Cod in 1879, the household type took off across the nation.

Throughout the early 1900s, there was a massive migration to the west, with numerous individuals settling in California. The architecture firm of Greene and Greene produced the one particular and a fifty percent tale bungalow, which turned wildly well-liked, and before long could be purchased by mail purchase catalogs, this kind of as Sears & Roebuck, and Montgomery Ward. The bungalows that now include California are referred to as “California Bungalows”, however the style is well-known throughout the nation, which include listed here in Austin.
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Nevertheless there are distinct kinds of the bungalow, these types of as the Arts and Crafts, Prairie Design and style, and Queen Anne, they all share identical characteristics and attributes. Bungalows have been developed to fight the elaborate Victorian movement, and to return to warmer, spouse and children oriented housing where by the craft of the homebuilder was showcased. Considering the fact that bungalows ended up designed for warm summer housing, they lower heat with significant, overhanging eaves, quite a few windows, and rooms interconnected, without the need of hallways, to make superior airflow by the property. If the dwelling has a 2nd degree, it can be much smaller in surface space than the to start with floor. Most bungalows also have large porches and stone chimneys foremost to grand fireplaces inside of.

Quite a few Arts and Crafts bungalows can be located about Austin, with a broad variety in the Hyde Park location. The Arts and Crafts movement was released in the 1880s by a group of English designers, and it celebrated the use of handicrafts, very simple forms, and normal products. Arts and Crafts properties, or Craftsman properties, have very low-pitched roofs, large eaves with triangular brackets, large porches with thick spherical or sq. columns. Inside, most Craftsman bungalows have many home windows, uncovered beam ceilings, and crafted-in cabinetry and seating.

Other bungalows, these types of as the 1922 Norwood House on Woman Hen Lake (currently below disrepair) are created in the Prairie design. Prairie Type bungalows got their start in The usa in the early 1900s, and ended up designed by a group of architects in Chicago that became regarded as the Prairie Faculty. Frank Lloyd Wright was the learn of the Prairie Model dwelling, characterized by wide, flat chimneys, the heart of the dwelling standing taller than the adjacent wings, and frequently with a Japanese aptitude.