How to find a great phone case manufacturer

How to find a great phone case manufacturer
1. Where to find phone case manufacturers
i. Internet
Open your favorite search engine and type in the following search phrases to find manufacturers that can supply your business:
– best phone case manufacturer
– Top phone case manufacturer
– phone case supplier
– phone case manufacturers list, etc.
If necessary, you can narrow your search to geographic regions by appending “Canada” or another country or region to your search. For example, you can add “China” to your search phrase to discover a plethora of quality phone case manufacturers located in China. Besides using search engines for your internet search, you should also peruse social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook to find phone case manufacturers.
ii. Directories
Website submission services described as “directories” maintain categorized lists of firms that serve particular industries and markets. for example, is a searchable directory that you can use to find possible phone case suppliers for your company.
iii. Referrals
One of the best ways to find a reliable manufacturer is to ask a company in the phone case business about the manufacturer that they use. Although some businesses want to keep such information private, many will gladly share the names of their preferred vendors as well as tips for establishing a strong relationship.
Other sources for referrals include anyone who has experience in the phone case industry including resellers and consultants who have inside information as to which companies to either trust or avoid.
You might not, of course, know any experts in the phone case business, so you have to trust referrals that come from strangers. For example, you can extend your search by checking social media and other sites for informative customer reviews of phone case manufacturers.
2. Narrow down and verify China phone case suppliers
If you have gotten a reliable phone case manufacturer in China, it is essential to verify the authenticity of the supplier. This can be incredibly hard especially if you have not verified any supplier before. However, we would provide a compilation of some things which you need to do so as to find the very best supplier from China.
  • Google and background check the company
As we have stated earlier, whenever someone has an interest in something and they have little knowledge about it, the first thing which they would do is to check it using Google search. With such search, you’ll be able to locate where they are and their contact information, tax ID and many more.
  • Check the Business License
This method can be used to tell who you are working with, this may not provide the entire details but would give some information about the business owner. Recently, the Chinese government has set up an online system so as to allow individuals search for companies which are registered by the Chinese government. Your factory will only need to provide their official name as well as registration number so that you can access information about them.
Another spot to check is the registered capital, most of the companies with the larger registered capital are factories. This does not imply that a company with low registered capital is not a factory but most companies with high registered capitals are factories.
  • Compare your Supplier’s MOQ
The MOQ of a factory is usually higher than that of trading companies, when searching for factories on Alibaba or Global Sourcing, companies with higher MOQ are usually factories. You can always negotiate MOQ, so you should not be scared with the posted MOQ on the website.
Traders can have a lower MOQ because they can either have a good relationship with the factories, keep their own inventories or have other clients that are purchasing the same product. This makes it easy for them to sell in smaller quantity. On the other hand, factories produce in large quantity and would like to sell goods in large quantity to get the amount invested in the manufacturing process.
  • Check the product offerings
Factories usually specialize in one or various kinds of similar products, if they have many products in their catalogue, then they would likely be a trading company. A factory would mostly make a similar product, for instance, a phone case manufacturer would only manufacture various kinds of the phone case. Thus, when the product category is too much, it implies that the company is a trading company.
  • Check the Factory Auditing Reports
Whenever suppliers inform you that they have supplied multinational companies such as Costco, GE, Walmart etc. then you can demand for their audit report so as to confirm these transactions. Whenever you receive these reports, ensure you take a closer look at them because such company may audit some aspect of the business that does not affect the manufacturing of your product. These items are very essential but you shouldn’t allow the company to change your view about the manufacturing capability of the business.
If the factory does not agree to provide this information, that means they are a trading company. When they send the audit report, you can check to ensure the company name on the report matches the business license name. If the names match one another, then it’s a factory.
  • Check the ISO 9001 Certification
Every company does not have ISO 9001 certification but most factories usually have it. Usually, a trading company would not need this certification but big factories would have it because it would require a huge amount of money as well as time before getting one. You should not use this certificate as a yardstick that the company is operating at optimum standard because some company may have the certificate and wouldn’t follow appropriate standards.
  • Check Where the Supplier Is Located in China
Companies that manufacture similar items such as phone case manufacturer are located in the same industrial area in China. This is also applicable to other companies that manufacture similar items in China. The main reason for this is to build a supply chain in the same area so that your product can be competitively and efficiently manufactured.
Once you follow all these steps appropriately, you will be able to locate a reliable phone case manufacturer in china and also determine whether the company is a manufacturing or trading company before ordering your phone case.
  • Perform an onsite check
Performing an onsite check is a challenging task because you’ll need to check a potential supplier’s website for essential credentials. These credentials might be hard to find especially if the manufacturer is very good at fraud. Almost everything will be perfect but you might be unable to find all the required details listed above. Once you have done that you can then move to the next step.
  • Order product samples
When you order product and it is shipped to you, you will be able to achieve three things:
You will see the duration of shipping when compared to the estimated time listed on the website.
You will be able to get the quality of their packaging and determine whether it’s good for you or not
You will see the quality of the product; how well does it hold up because the product quality is very essential for long term success.
Generally, it’s good to order samples from at least 3 or 4 companies so as to give yourself an option when it comes to the quality, shipping time, communication as well as time.
  • Chat with the customer support
It is crucial to chat with the customer support of a company to determine whether the company is legitimate or fake. But if the manufacturer you’re looking at does not have a customer support, and you have an urgent question, what is the next line of action?
The answer: email them and hope they respond quickly
If their customer service sucks, your own will likewise suck because their support will directly affect yours. So, ensure you take this step. Some people may also pick up the phone physically and discuss with their supplier before placing an order.
  • Ask for previous customer references before committing
Good manufacturing companies won’t have any problem giving you testimonials from previous customers. In fact, they will likely display them on their website but this may be fake if the site is fraud. However, if the customer you’re looking for does not have customer reference for you. You should look elsewhere.
Most manufacturers in China are quite trustworthy. As the saying goes: “A few bad apples spoils the bunch”.