Application of II Corinthians I to the Church in Sierra Leone, Portion II


The suffering of the church in Sierra Leone remodeled the church into an lively participant in the political affairs of the nation. A incredibly destructive and destructive dimension is the reality that many coup d’etats have been staged in the pretty immediate past, all of which had a Christian as Head of Point out. These coups have immensely intensified rather than ameliorated the sufferings of the masses.

A resultant outcome of the burning of church structures is a corresponding drop in the membership. The Lutheran situation, although not precisely, usually reflects the condition of the art for all denominations. The decrease in membership could be attributed to a number of explanations. Though some Christians were being killed, a considerable selection migrated. This diaspora took Sierra Leoneans to quite a few West African countries. There is presently in Lagos, for occasion, a significant proportion of Sierra Leoneans, some of whom have no intention of returning because they have married to Nigerians or have been proven in any other case. These with influential relations secured tickets to the western entire world while the privileged also entered just after profitable numerous resettlement systems.

A extremely severe impact of struggling in the church is that it was rendered susceptible to settle for various church organizations that claimed to be Christians. It was in the course of this period of time that The Church of Jesus of the Latter Working day Saints, for occasion, became common. These bodies performed upon the poverty of Christians. Doctrines that promised a cozy daily life were easily recognized by most Christians who saw them as the alternative to their difficulty.


The church reacted to struggling in numerous strategies. There was a wonderful reaction to the gospel followed by a detrimental response, that is, the overemphasis placed on the teachings of the prosperity Gospel. The response of the church to suffering in Sierra Leone simply cannot be entire without the need of talking about its contribution in ameliorating the suffering of individuals during the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone and an evaluation of this response in the latter in particular.

Response to the Gospel

The reaction to the Gospel significantly increased as a end result of the decrease in the residing criteria of the people. Hope was wholly dropped in the political system and all human establishments.
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There was a normal consciousness that the resolution to the problems in the country was religious. Credit score ought to be provided to the Pentecostal Churches that did a lot of evangelism which introduced thousands to the conserving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Paradoxically, Sierra Leone was possibly the initially West African nation to obtain the Gospel. Nonetheless right after over two centuries, “under twelve % of the place promises to be Christian. Really couple of denominations have grown spiritually in the earlier forty a long time or produced a long lasting effects on the nation” (Johnstone and Mandryk 2001, 564).

The prosperity instructing

The absence of spiritual and biblically trained management is a crucial concern in the church in Sierra Leone. The Bible colleges are far too handful of and much amongst. Most of the Pentecostal church buildings are unbiased and the leaders are not theological skilled. Most preachers are for that reason preaching prosperity (talked about in the 1st chapter) from a single extraordinary and motivate their congregations to resist suffering, which includes poverty, at all value.