Lockdown During Pandemics Need or Fear

The Lockdown in many places during the spread of the novel corona virus 2019 has led to a new normal. There were shutdowns in many countries, lockdown of human activity, sometimes there was a total lockdown. On some days nobody could walk on the streets.

So, the question here is if these measures have slowed down /curtailed the spread and if pandemics either end or just result in everyone being immune.

The answer is – Many of the previous diseases caused due to viruses have been eradicated only due to vaccination. These infectious diseases persist or have been controlled due to a large extent due to vaccination.

So, is there really any point of a forced shut down or is it done owing to fear of the unknown? It is very evident that the cure lies in building one’s immunity and in developing vaccines.

A shut down inhibits persons from travelling freely or encountering other persons especially in public places. This reduces the risk of meeting other persons who may be infected but does not stop the disease from occurring. Statistical evidence however suggests that the shutdown flattens the curve. Eventually what matters is how we keep ourselves clean and build immunity so that in case of potential future possibility of being infected, the virus would not find a way to reproduce using our cells.

A vaccine just stimulates our immune system by injecting weakened forms of the disease-causing agent. As our body builds immunity to any such attacks by generating anti bodies, the next time when the actual virus tries to attack the body it is prevented due to the presence of anti-bodies.

But if eventually only vaccines stop the spread of infectious diseases, total shutdowns are not completely needed. We can possibly design ways in which people who are healthy but who are not infected can still move around. If you have any type of inquiries relating to where and just how to utilize gevalideerde test voor corona, you could call us at our website.

For all those who need to travel during occurrences of such pandemics can be made to wear some special GPS/RFID integrated devices which can measure their body temperature and other vital signs. This can be shared across to all those who are present within the vicinity of that location. Compulsory shutdowns can be enforced only for those who have a high risk of getting infected.

By rigorously following social distancing norms one can still move around, carry on work etc., It is only during situations when the people flout social distancing norms, that total lockdown/shutdowns need to be imposed. But recent history with the surge of COVID19 cases suggests that people flout social distancing norms and make themselves vulnerable to being infected. So, we could just make sure that people do not flout rules and impose partial/complete shutdowns only conditionally.